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Rental Connections specializes in Residential rentals of the single family or multi-family properties. There is no minimum number of properties required to become a client. We work with two types of landlords..

There are investors that are intentional about their rental properties and have a business. It doesn’t have to be their primary job but they have or want to have multiple properties and see rentals as a retirement plan or legacy to leave for their family. Other landlords just fall into the position when they move away and can’t sell their house or maybe inherit property.

These are usually the accidental landlords. They didn’t really plan on being landlords but for this reason or that they needed a renter and had no idea where to start. They have either experienced the horrors of a bad tenant or heard about them from someone else and were smart enough to realize they needed help. We know the rules, have the proper documents, the software to perform credit, background and eviction checks and most of all we want to do things right and treat everyone’s investments like my own. After all we work so hard for what we have!

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Length of lease:

Most owners require a one year lease, but can be longer or shorter. The term is determined by the owner.

Security deposit:

Typically, owners will require a security deposit equal to just slightly more than a full months rent. A security deposit can be based on the credit worthiness of the tenant. A riskier tenant may call for a higher security deposit. The security deposit is refundable to the tenant at the end of the term less any repairs that may be necessary. There can be other non-refundable fees if required like pet fee, cleaning, etc. based on the lease terms you require.

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